The iThing spelling Auntie

Oh, how I do hate thee, iThing spell checker!

Don’t get me wrong. I love my iPhone and iPad. I just do not like the patronizing way they insist on second guessing what I am about to say. Then, like annoying know-it-alls, they will insist I accept the i-suggestion. Here’s the latest example of my misery:

“Safari!!! Kids will live it DMV to will I”  – which was actually – “Safari!!! Kids will love it and so will I”

But I really wanted to go to the courts, when they decided to tweak my social life by replacing names at will. Till someone pointed out that my email account from my i-things had a strange name on it. Yes, the ‘i’ had replaced me. At which point, I gave up. And ‘i’ gave in.

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1 Response to The iThing spelling Auntie

  1. Aarti Garde says:

    Having suffered many of your cryptic ‘spellchecked’ messages, I wonder if the iCreatures have a feature to turn off spellcheck! Become an auntie of many explorations!!

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