High Street meets Elm Street: Haute Couture Halloween

Halloween is up next in the Celebrations Calendar. Many in Singapore are already in deep depression as the Zoo cancelled the annual haunted night festivities and instead, opted for unscary (bo-o-oring) Deepavali to celebrate.

To these never-say-die fans and eternal spook lovers, I say – chill. Relax. The Singapore Mall Association has risen (from the dead) to present to you The All Year Moribund Macabre Mannequin Show. Enjoy. Boo.

I suppose this would attract plenty of ghostly footfalls for the Fall/Winter collections – did you hear that the Addams Family, Freddie, Jeepers, Chucky, Corn Children and Ghostface?

(p.s – I had to heavily edit the number of photos –  too many  photo ops needed a paring down  – a task which took me 2 twilights and one moonless night to complete -no thanks to you, WordPress Lousy Photo Tool. A hex on you.

Also, the experienced eye would notice the lack of werewolves and other fantastic creatures in the pix. Lack of imagination, I would imagine.)

Warning – the kiddie mannequins are really creepy. Boo.

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2 Responses to High Street meets Elm Street: Haute Couture Halloween

  1. Aarti Garde says:

    Oh Auntie, you’re scarier than all of these in your natural born avatar! Hee Hoo Haa

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