Males with nails

Unlike many well groomed residents of Singapore, I don’t patronise nail salons all that often.

I do love the indulgence of someone trimming, filing, scraping and massaging, but never have the foresight to book appointments nor the discipline to keep my nails unbitten. Sometimes my nails are so bad that I’m embarrassed to show them to the snooty ‘nail technicians’.

(Btw, did you know that Serena Williams is a certified nail technician? Have you seen her cute nails on the racquet? (yes, the same same nails on the hands which hold the racquet which pulverise the hapless opponent facing her) – but I digress…)

Anyway, I decided that today was my tai tai day. So after some retail action at Takashimaya, I walked into a nail salon where I had purchased (read suckered into buying) a package for some quiet restful indulgent nail love.

How wrong I was. The salon is teeny tiny and very crowded. Standing out in the crowd was a May-September couple. Let me rephrase that. The man was a Dandy Andy going on Peter Pan. He looked pretty good – 30s?early 40s? A loud lothario. Who was getting his nails done and hogging the air space. The girl looked 15.

He chatted up every – EVERY – nail techie who was in the salon. While flirting with his little lady. He would yell across the room to talk to girls busy with their customers. Customers included me. So annoying.

There had to be some kind of justice somewhere who would shut him up. Tinker-belle must have been around to grant my wish.

In walked a 50ish lady. She took one look at him and squealed. It was her classmate from school. The man was mortified. Classic lines from the Lady Classmate included:

“You come here often? Is he a regular (to a techie)?”

“it’s been decades!”

“You have aged well! So young!”

I was hoping she would ask if the girl was his daughter. Disappointingly, she didn’t.

So that knocked the wind of his sails. It was peaceful after that and soon the lovers left. The man in a tearing hurry.

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