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Prosery – Prose Posing Poetry

I heard Richard Blanco delivering his beautiful ode to America – ‘One Today’ and tears welled up. I’m not American – but what an outstanding piece of prosery! (Which lead me to think of my brushes with poetry. Years ago, … Continue reading

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Males with nails

Unlike many well groomed residents of Singapore, I don’t patronise nail salons all that often. I do love the indulgence of someone trimming, filing, scraping and massaging, but never have the foresight to book appointments nor the discipline to keep … Continue reading

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Stunning Skies and Cloud formation – ECP from Changi – iPhone via Car Windscreen

How gorgeous is this? Photography has truly become egalitarian! I am no hot-shot camera person. A simple phone camera at the right time and right place works magic… No. I haven’t touched it up. All naturel. (And also a lot … Continue reading

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High Street meets Elm Street: Haute Couture Halloween

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Halloween is up next in the Celebrations Calendar. Many in Singapore are already in deep depression as the Zoo cancelled the annual haunted night festivities and instead, opted for unscary (bo-o-oring) Deepavali to celebrate. To these never-say-die fans and eternal … Continue reading

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My Bollywood Body Double Day

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My lovely neighbour, N, invited me for a ladies’ lunch, theme Bollywood. We had to dress up as our favourite female star for the event. For the next few weeks the prospect of the lunch buzzed like a mildly annoying … Continue reading

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The Blouse Nazi

The Indian festive season kicks in around August and stays on till November (when we respectfully make way for Christmas.) Shops in Little India do brisk business selling sweets/pretty paperweights, pens, tiny idols, elephants (ad infinitum and nauseum)/betel leaves/minuscule packets … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs – the Man who changed my everyday

This blog was not meant to accommodate my larger than small thoughts on life. But this is not an ordinary day. Today Steve Jobs died. A little bit of Jobs will live on in every Apple product and Pixar production … Continue reading

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