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Males with nails

Unlike many well groomed residents of Singapore, I don’t patronise nail salons all that often. I do love the indulgence of someone trimming, filing, scraping and massaging, but never have the foresight to book appointments nor the discipline to keep … Continue reading

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Three is a queue

This morning I marched off to participate in the Great Singapore Sale at Takashimaya. I was determined to buy new bedding for my 5 year old who spent a rough night battling his rustly blanket and overbig new pillow (we … Continue reading

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High Street meets Elm Street: Haute Couture Halloween

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Halloween is up next in the Celebrations Calendar. Many in Singapore are already in deep depression as the Zoo cancelled the annual haunted night festivities and instead, opted for unscary (bo-o-oring) Deepavali to celebrate. To these never-say-die fans and eternal … Continue reading

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The Blouse Nazi

The Indian festive season kicks in around August and stays on till November (when we respectfully make way for Christmas.) Shops in Little India do brisk business selling sweets/pretty paperweights, pens, tiny idols, elephants (ad infinitum and nauseum)/betel leaves/minuscule packets … Continue reading

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What you gain in kilometres, you lose in inches

I was inspired by reading my good pal’s running blog – The Offbeat Athlete – read here – http://wp.me/1IuJ2 –  enough to come up with that catchy name for this post! A Treadmill Poem – “What you gain in kilometres, … Continue reading

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Singapore Cabbies…

Singapore cabbies are a curious bunch “Where you from? Why you go there? What you had for lunch?” Singapore cabbies are so-o-o not coy “How much rent you pay? How old you are? How old your boy?” Singapore cabbies know … Continue reading

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The Twilight Saga – Part 2 – The Browbitten

The Singapore mosquitoes have good company in the Vampire Department from some unidentified arachnids. Here is a true story: I went to a well established eyebrow shaping franchise in Orchard Road for some aesthetic arch-work last week. The eyebrow artist … Continue reading

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